We are a Hardcore band from Leipzig, breaking the angst since tomorrow!

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About Angstbreaker and how you can join us

Angstbreaker 2013: Dixi, Dirk, Seebi, Pudding, Richard, Haschek (pic by Commander)

Angstbreaker was founded 2012 by six guys from the lower eastside of Germany, offering hardcore without small-minded constraints. After the withdrawal of three original members in 2015, we continue as a four pieces band. We are too old to die young, that means our topics mostly ain´t "no future" stuff.

Angstbreaker brings a message and fun to the dance floor. We hope to see you!

Our Records and how you can get it

The Flying Cat ()

  1. Eternal War on the Höcke Youth
  2. Zaphod in Laniakea
  3. I Copped a Hug Once
  4. Blasphemy & Fun
  5. When the Machines Take Over

Second record as a 4-piece band after the big change a while back. Vinyl, CD and Tape contain also the tracks of the MMXVI EP.

All music and lyrics are written by Angstbreaker, recorded by Fribble and Alex on March 5th, 2017 at the Heartware Studios in Leipzig, mixed and mastered by Fribbl at TTx Sound. The cat was drawn by Emma, artwork and layout were done by Haschek. Released


  1. #MyFriendIsHipster
  2. L.I.S.A.
  3. Stomping On Your Grave
  4. 2/3 Straight Edge
  5. Gone (2016)

Our first release with Marv on guitar after the big lineup change. CD is sold out.

Recorded by Fribble and Alex on April 10th, 2016 at the Heartware Studios in Leipzig, mixed and mastered by Thomas Frippon at TTx Sound. The sweet little dog was drawed by Marz. Released

Time To Live with Angstbreaker - Split ()


  1. Gone
  2. We Must Share
  3. Jövő
  4. Stay Hungry
  5. Don't Come Around

Time To Live

  1. Bang!
  2. Living My Dream
  3. Every New Day Is Another Chance To Change The World
  4. Carousel Of Life
  5. Personality Suicide

We love that we managed to release this split record b/c some of us knew the guys from Time To Live for some years. It also is the perfect name of the first release.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Thomas Frippon at TTx Sound and Andrey Mojseenko at Hi Gain Records. Released

Demo I ()

  1. Don't Come Around
  2. Dead Elements
  3. Stay Hungry

We say Hello with our first demo release, available digitally. All songs have been written in the second half of 2012.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Thomas Frippon at TTx Sound. Released

5 Jahre Atari Sampler ()

Cover: 5 Jahre Atari Sampler
  • Don't Come Around

We've played our first show ever at the Atari in Leipzig, a really nice DIY venue in the east of the city. So it is great and quite a honor to be part of this tape sampler released to the 5th anniversary of the Atari. It's a double cassette limited to 150 pieces, it comes with sticker, button, a fat booklet and inludes around 50 other bands, e.g. Shutcombo, Verbrannte Erde, Zann, Sick Times and Farmer's Boulevard.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Thomas Frippon at TTx Sound. Released

Downloads and other free stuff

Free Music Downloads

Released under a free license, you are allowed to share it legally with your friends and you are encouraged to do it.

DIY Merch

Provided to create Angstbreaker stuff for you and your friends, meant to be uncommercial DIY stuff, you are not allowed to sell and trade it.

Artwork for concerts and fanzines